Donegal Sea Adventure

Embrace the Thrills, Conquer the Waves: Donegal Sea Adventure from Burtonport – Where High-Speed Exploration Begins!

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About Us

Donegal Sea Adventure was established to showcase the beautiful coastline and islands of the Donegal coast. We offer a boat service providing tours and access to the islands of Inis Mhic an Duirn (Rutland), Inis Cú (Inishcoo), Inis Fraoigh (Inishfree), Íochtar (Eighter), Uaigh (Owey), and Inis Caorach (Iniskeeragh).

Our boat is called Inis Fraoigh, which translates to the island of the heather as gaeilge, named after one of the many islands on this part of the coast. It is a purpose built RIB licensed to carry ten passengers. Built here in Donegal, it is a high speed vessel which operates from Burtonport Harbour. Our main tours take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, and we promise fascinating heritage, culture, history, and wildlife.

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Donegal Sea Safari

This tour includes all the best of what we have to offer - wildlife, history and culture as well as thrill and adventure as the boat travels through the Islands and gets exposed to the wild Atlantic. We’ll see cliffs, caves and wildlife such as seabirds, seals and the occasional Dolphin or whale. The skipper will share the history of the lighthouses and shipwrecks in the area and touch on the local folklore. We will take a route through the islands accessing a part of the coast that has only been seen by fishermen and seafarers up until now!


Spend the day exploring the small islands of Donegal.We offer a small Island ferry service for locals and tourist who are looking to access the smaller island in Donegal. Island trips include :Rutland,Inishfree,Eighter, Inishkerragh,Owey, Rohaninish and Arranmore.